In addition to yoking systems, we also manufacture endgates, automatic feeders (gravity-fed design), platforms, troughs and ramps.

The endgate is positioned at the end of the stanchion and makes a physical and visual barrier for the animals, preventing them from exiting the system before eating grain and thus locking themselves in the yoking system. When installed, the endgate also acts as the lever that releases the goats/sheep from the stanchion. By lifting the endate up, the animals are released from the stanchion. By putting the gate back down, the yoking system is reset and ready for the next group.

Our automatic feeder eliminates the tedious job of filling each grain bucket or trough by hand. The automatic feeder is designed like a large holding bin. The bin is mounted above the yoking system and can hold several days' worth of grain. Inside the bin there are canisters that can adjust the quantitiy of feed being given to the animals. By pulling a rope, pre-measured feed is automatically dumped into the buckets or trough below the feeder. A spring automatically resets the automatic feeder.

Our steel platforms are 39" high, 39" wide, and 99" long. This is the size that fits our six-unit headgate. Different sizes can be custom made.

Our welded steel troughs are made to fit any size headgate and can be bolted onto our headgates.

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