Kidding/Lambing And All Purpose Confinement Systems for Goats, Sheep & Small Animals

All panels are now powder coated.

This pen system is ideal for your kidding and lambing needs. It is also available as a free standing or wall mounting pen. This pen has a versatile panel with openings placed at the top or bottom. You can also include an adjustment bar which can increase or decrease the opening size.


42" x 72" Side Panel (has 2 5/8" holes in legs for floor-mounting)

$ Call


35" x 60" All Bar Panel 42" x 96" with 2 connecting pins

$ Call


35" x 60" Kid/Lamb Only Panel with 2 connecting pins

$ Call


35" x 60" Versatile Panel with 2 connecting pins

$ Call


Adjustment Bar to increase or decrease the opening size (shown here in photo) (sold separately)

$ Call


35" x 60" Grafting Gate with Adjustable Neck Width

$ Call


40" Connecting Pin

$ Call


Wall Mounting Bracket Without Connecting Pin

$ Call


Wall Mounting Bracket With Connecting Pin

$ Call

Gate Action

Pin slides smoothly into tube for a strong, secure connection

Little Mountain Steel Fabrication reserves the right to change or discontinue
any of it’s products without notice. Prices are subject to change.

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