The standard yoking system we manufacture holds six dairy goats or sheep. The animals are milked from the rear. The length of the six-unit headgate is 99".

We also custom make yoking systems in other sizes.

We can make headgates to hold 2,3,4,5,6,7, or 8 does/ewes at a time. We recommend that if you need to hold more than 8 animals at a time that you purchase two whole yoking systems. Two headgates can be connected together to work as one.

We can make headgates with adjustable legs. Adjustable legs are $60 extra per headgate.

We can also attach metal hoops behind each head unit to hold feed buckets. There is no extra charge for metal hoops.

Major Farm Cascade Yoking systems can be made with either right or left orientation. When ordering headgates, please specify whether your animals will be entering from the right or left side of your milking parlor.

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